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Waverly Township Clean-up Day - Friday June 7, 2024

*Please note: Please completely wrap all mattresses in plastic or haulers will not remove.

Get ready to clean out that basement! Township Clean-up is held once per year & one day only. Please only put out to your curb items that two men are able to lift. We cannot accept paint cans with paint, automobile type batteries, all electronics (computers, TVs, microwaves), household garbage and tires. All appliances which contain Freon, e.g. refrigerators, air conditioners or dehumidifiers, must have a certificate attached to the appliance verifying that the Freon has been properly evacuated by licensed appliance serviceman.


Mattresses MUST be wrapped completely in plastic. If they are not wrapped properly, they will not be picked up and residents will be responsible for removal. You can pick up mattress disposal bags at a hardware store.


Please get your items on the curb by Thursday, June 6, (earlier if possible). The haulers will be out early on Friday, June 7.


Need to recycle TVs or Computers? Call Lackawanna County Recycling Center - 570-963-6868.


Sticks, brush and branches will be picked after clean-up.


Please report if you see any illegal dumping of tires, etc. We experienced illegal dumping of tires last year.


Thank you for your cooperation!


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