The Waverly walking trail runs the perimeter of the township municiple field. You can enter the trail on Beech Street or SR 407, N Abington Rd.

The Waverly Community house is in the center of the village. The community house has a Post Office, tennis courts, kids play ground, Attic Shop and preschool.


When It Rains, It Drains - Stormwater Information

For more information on stormwater management
programs and other permit requirements please visit DEP's Stormwater Municipal Website.  See link below.



Waverly Post Office: (In Community House) 570-586-2831

Waverly Community House: Maria Wilson, Executive Director, 570-586-8191

Police: Kenneth James, Chief of Police;  Eric Judge, Patrolman; Angelo Rudolfi, Patrolman

Maintenance Dept: Thomas James, Supt.; Steve Bray, 570-586-9579

Real Estate Tax Collector: Ilona Thurston, 570-498-7310.

Wage Tax Collector:   Berkheimer 

Zoning Enforcement Officer: Christine Capozzi, 570-586-0111

Building Code Inspector: Joseph Supulski, 570-344-9681

Sewage Enforcement Officer: Gary Wilding, 570-241-4996,  David Lamereaux, 570-878-2513

Magisterial District Judge:  570-587-1909

Fire Departments:

    Clarks Summit Fire Co. (non-emergency) 570-586-9656
    Dalton Fire Co. (non-emergency) 570-563-1313

Abington Heights School District: 570-586-2511

State Offices (Local Numbers)

Governor Tom Corbett's NE Regional Office, Scranton Office,  570-614-2090

Rep. Sid Michaels Kavulich, 114th Legislative District, Taylor Office, 570-562-2350

Sen. John Blake, 22nd Senatorial District,  Scranton Office, 570-207-2881

Federal Representatives Offices (Local Numbers)

U.S. Congressman Tom Marino, Tunkhannock Office, 570-836-8020

U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, Scranton Office, 570-941-3540

U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Scranton Office, 570-941-0930